Best Automatic Pour Over Coffee Maker ¦ Buyers Guide 2021

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To start your day with full energy, what you need is a cup of coffee that offers great quality and taste. There are many coffee makers available, of which some are demanding, some are just fine, and the rest are disappointing. Here we will discuss the best automatic pour over coffee maker that you can use.

It is a special kind of dripping machine that assures you to enjoy the classic taste of a coffee served by a barista. It makes an automatic pour over coffee maker a good option for your morning start. Coffee is the basic energy drink for most people, and following this, they try finding different ways and efficient espresso machine to make a fully brewed coffee cup.

Automatic Pour Over Coffee Maker FEATURED IMAGE

If you are also one of those and want to get the best all in one brewing system, then you need to explore our recommended coffee machines that are up to the mark.

Explore the 10 Best Automatic Pour Over Coffee Maker

Further, we will mention the list of Top 10 Best Automatic Pour Over Coffee Maker 2021, making it feasible for you to pick one according to your needs.

1Brim Pour Over Coffee Maker 8 Cup Kit
2Cuisinart CPO 8 Cup Pour Over Coffee Brewer
3Motif Elements Pour Over Style Coffee Brewer
4Breville Precision Brewer Coffee Maker
5Mr. Coffee BVMC All In One Coffee Maker
6Vinci Auto Pour Over Coffee Maker
7KitchenAid Pour Over Coffee Brewer
8Mitbak Pour Over Coffee Maker Set
9BUNN Pour Over Coffee Brewer
10OXO Brew 8 Cup Coffee Maker


1. Brim Pour Over Coffee Maker 8 Cup Kit

An automatic machine is the most convenient way to pour over your coffee daily whenever you want. This pour over coffee maker has a shower head that gives you even coffee saturation and turbulence with a delicious and smooth taste. 

The coffee maker kit has a perfect bloom feature. Its showerhead uses pulse brewing to water the coffee bed evenly and ends up with perfect bloom. Besides this, this automatic machine comes with permanent filters, so you don’t need to get into filter changing hassle. 

The automatic machine is made from stainless steel and has 8 cups of capacity. If you live in a large family and want to have a coffee machine that offers ease, this Brim coffee maker kit is recommended.

Why Should You Buy This Machine?

  • The machine gives you rich and full-bodied coffee.
  • The coffee maker set comes with its glass carafe. 
  • The kit has a lot of this included, like a measuring spoon, silicone sleeve, etc.
  • High-quality machine
  • Perfect for brewing
  • Easy to learn and operate
  • User-friendly interface
  • Costly
  • Hard to find out another carafe

2. Cuisinart CPO 8 Cup Pour Over Coffee Brewer

It is the best automatic pour over coffee maker for 2021. It is certified by SCCA, i.e., Specialty Coffee Association of America’s rigorous technical requirements for exemplary homeowners. So getting this coffee maker is worth it. 

The machine has a strength control option that you can set as you want between mild, medium, and bold. It has temperature control that you can set as you prefer between hot and extra hot. 

It is sturdy in quality because of its plastic material in silver color. The cleanliness of this coffee machine is quite convenient. Also, it ensures you the best aroma, flavor, and taste of the coffee. It is a lightweight machine with 8 cups of brewing capacity, making it a perfect choice for a large family. 

Why Should You Buy This Machine?

  • It is a premium quality machine that gives you coffee bar level flavor at your home. 
  • Its brewing technique ends up with a superior level of flavor extraction. 
  • The blooming feature is excellent. 
  • The device is customizable, respecting your choices.


  • Classic carafe
  • Reasonably priced
  • Laser control filter
  • Temperature control feature
  • The carafe can hold 8 cups.
  • It might look old scale.

3. Motif Elements Pour Over Style Coffee Brewer

It is another excellent automatic pour over machine that you can buy. It will make you have freshly brewed coffee every morning without much effort. The machine has a specially designed showerhead that gives you even coffee grounds resulting in a perfect blend. 

Motif Coffee Brewer has a water heater of the superior level that makes sure that the brewing temperature is perfect. It has a pre-infusion mode releasing the unique flavors of your coffee. 

Another unique feature is the audible tones that indicate when the brewer starts and completed the cycle. You can quickly remove the carafe lid between the brewing cycle by its specially designed lid and filter basket. It has a separate warming plate heater for the prevention of overheating. 

Why Should You Buy This Machine?

  • It is easy to use and clean. 
  • The machine has an advanced level of decalcification sensor. 
  • It is programmable to let you have fresh coffee immediately as you wake up.
  • Its carafe is double-walled made from stainless steel.
  • Easy to operate
  • Have elegant aesthetics
  • Large water reservoir
  • Have decalcification function
  • keep your coffee cup warm for up to 2 hours
  • The glass carafe is unreliable
  • Hard to clean Narrow mouth carafe

4. Breville Precision Brewer Coffee Maker

Breville is presenting a classy and automatic coffee maker that gives you high-quality coffee. The Breville coffee maker has a patent-pending steep and release valve. It is perfect for holding the water in place with coffee when the carafe is not in place. Particularly, it is for brewing small coffee volumes. All these functions are automatic.  

According to the SCA standards, it has a gold cup preset mode that automatically adjusts the water temperature and automatically breeds timings. The machine comes with flat bottom and cone filter baskets allowing you to brew any coffee volume.

The coffee maker takes around 1650 watts and is made from high-quality material. It extracts the coffee bean’s flavors to their fullest and makes you experience the best coffee flavor. The Breville Precision Brewer is super versatile, letting you program things, and it is easy to clean too. 

Why Should You Buy This Machine?

  • The coffee maker has precise and adjustable digital temperature control.
  • It allows you to select three different flow rates for optimized contact timing.
  • The automatic pour over coffee machine has a Thermal coil heating system. 
  • It has auto steep and releases technology.
  • Come up with customized brewing.
  • Offer fast brewing
  • Reliable and portable
  • Stainless steel body
  • Not affordable
  • Bit larger

5. Mr. Coffee BVMC All In One Coffee Maker

Most people want to enjoy freshly brewed coffee early in the morning. But it’s challenging to manage it daily. In this regard, the Mr. Coffee automatic coffee maker offers you ease.

Its screen will show you a step-by-step pour over the process to make you add the right amount of water and coffee at optimal brewing levels. The machine has an integrated auto measure scale that calculates the exact amount of coffee and water. It enables you to determine the right amount of mixture to get a perfect blend. 

It also has temperature controlled gooseneck kettle heats to make it work on optimal coffee brewing temperature. It is a C1 style brewer allowing the water to flow evenly all over the coffee grounds. It will give you the fullest flavor after deep extraction. For your daily morning coffee shot, it is recommended.

Why Should You Buy This Machine?

  • The machine gives you perfect flavor coffee.
  • It is easy to use. 
  • The pour over coffee maker is worth the money. 
  • It has a guided interface.
  • The blooming feature is perfect.
  • Freshness indicator for 4-hour
  • Serve and pause feature
  • Large brewing carafe
  • Unique programming setting
  • Some find it tough to use.

6. Vinci Auto Pour Over Coffee Maker

This Vinci automatic pour-over coffee machine has a unique and patented spinning spray head. It is rotatory dispersion technology that is great for distributing water all over the coffee grounds. The machine lets you enjoy a super balanced and delicious coffee cup. 

It is one of the most demanding and best automatic pour over coffee maker 2021, is quite easy to use with no complicated buttons or programming. The only options you need to deal with are pressing the timer, brewing to begin and bloom. Its warm feature is adjustable for the warm heating plate to make your coffee stay hot for longer. 

It is a programmable pour over coffee maker with many features like pre-soak bloom, wake to brew, automatic shut-off, keeping warm, and cleaning reminder. These are all its ultimate features to make it super convenient for you. 

Why Should You Buy This Machine?

  • It comes with a lifetime gold-finished basket filter. 
  • The Vinci pour over coffee maker is dishwasher safe and BPA free. 
  • It won’t drip, and pouring is easy. 
  • It is compatible with 2 and 4 cone paper filters.
  • Fast brewing option
  • Bloom features
  • Superior carafe
  • Portable enough to carry anywhere
  • Sensitive body

7. KitchenAid Pour Over Coffee Brewer

It is another best automatic pour over coffee maker. It comes in this list because of its certification from SCAA standards. This automatic coffee machine is manual working, but it delivers you smooth infused coffee flavor with almost no effort. 

It has a display showing you each of its brewing steps that begins from heating, then pouring, and steeping. The automatic machine is liable to heat water to the optimal range alongside minimizing heat loss during extraction. 

The device has a straight one-touch roast setting that you can set from medium to dark roast. It allows you to experience the subtleness and flavor of different kinds of roast. Getting this coffee machine won’t make you regret it. 

Why Should You Buy This Machine?

  • You will experience an optimal level of flavor. 
  • The machine is easy to clean and use. 
  • It has a progress bar displaying steps to make it work. 
  • It has advanced heating technology.
  • Pre-infusion technology
  • Great visual display
  • Certified by SCAA
  • Tough and slim body
  • Offer maximum compatibility
  • The water reservoir is small
  • Unreliable saturation control

8. MITBAK Pour Over Coffee Maker Set

So this one is an entirely automatic machine that only demands you to pick up your beans, and the rest is all up to the machine. Without doing anything you can enjoy a cup of Joe whenever you want. 

It is an all-in-one coffee kit that comes with a pour over gooseneck kettle, a thermometer, paperless coffee brewer, and coffee grinder. It is made up of long-lasting and high-quality material that is durable and worthy. Its food-grade is made from stainless steel, making it long-lasting, and the top-notch glass is its dripper. 

It is quite attractive in looking and is a complete package in a stylish box. The machine will allow you to give it to anyone as a gift who loves coffee. It saves your money alongside availing you the utmost style of coffee machine that works itself. 

Why Should You Buy This Machine?

  • It is a lifetime stainless filter.
  • It is made from 304 stainless steel.
  • Borosilicate glass is also used as its material.
  • It is a spill-resistant device. 
  • 1-year warranty
  • Durable body
  • Reliable and portable enough
  • Pour over coffee machine included
  • Hot Mesh is unsafe to touch

9. BUNN Pour Over Coffee Brewer

It is a unique machine that brews 3.8 gallons of coffee in an hour. The pour over coffee machine is a wholly portable device that does not require any kind of plumbing. It is entirely made from stainless steel and has 1600 watts of power. 

The machine has a SplashGuard funnel that deflects hot liquids away from your hand to prevent any problem. You should use a medium-fine grind for this machine for its quick functioning.  

Why Should You Buy This Machine?

  • It is made from high-quality material. 
  • The machine is electrically powered. 
  • It comes with a warranty. 

It equips the best coffee grinder for the french press.

  • Ten additional carafe
  • Looks classic
  • Easy to wash
  • Fast and reliable system
  • Might feel expensive

10. OXO Brew Coffee Maker

The OXO automatic pour over coffee maker is certified by SCA. It enables you to brew by the cup of the carafe. The machine also has a single service capability with an optional brewing basket accessory. 

The best automatic pour over coffee maker 2020, has better brew precision controlling water temperature and brewing cycle. This meets all the Specialty Coffee Association Golden Cup standards. It has a rainmaker shower head that distributes the water all over the grounds. 

This is a double-wall vacuum insulated thermal carafe brewing machine, and it also has a cafe lid that allows pour-through. It is a great buy to solve your coffee issues. This is one of the best espresso machines under 200$ range. 

Why Should You Get This?

  • The machine does excellent extraction. 
  • It allows your single cup of coffee to brew. 
  • It offers you maximum convenience. 
  • It is a high-quality coffee maker. 
  • Friendly structure for countertop
  • Thermal carafe
  • Intended with a hot plate
  • Balances water pots
  • Not automatic enough
  • The water tank is not detachable.

{Product Comparison Table}

Product NamesBrandItem WeightCapacityItem Color
Brim Pour Over Coffee Maker 8 Cup KitBRIM8.53 pounds8 CupsStainless steel
Cuisinart CPO 8 Cup Pour Over Coffee BrewerCUISIANT9 pounds8 CupsSilver
Motif Elements Pour Over Style Coffee BrewerMOTIF6.6 pounds8 CupsStainless steel
Breville Precision Brewer Coffee MakerBREVILLEE3.15 pounds12 Cubic CentimetersStainless steel
Mr. Coffee BVMC All In One Coffee MakerMR.COFFEE7.24 pounds6 CupsBlack
Vinci Auto Pour Over Coffee MakerVINCI6.69 pounds12 CupsStainless steel
KitchenAid Pour Over Coffee BrewerKITCHENAID7.6 pounds8 CupsOnyx black
Mitbak Pour Over Coffee Maker SetMITBAK3.83 pounds40 OzContour silver
BUNN Pour Over Coffee BrewerBUNN24 pounds2 MillilitersSilver
OXO Brew 8 Cup Coffee MakerOXO11.51 pounds64 Fluid OuncesSteel

Buyer’s Guide

How to choose an Automatic Pour Over Coffee Maker?

Whilst buying the best automatic pour over coffee maker 2020, you should know certain things. It will help you get the best possible machine for your morning coffee cup. There is a friendship between people and coffee so this makes it obvious for coffee to be good. So a quality coffee maker enables you to avail it.  

Here are the certain points you should know while buying your best automatic pour over coffee maker 2021.

Buyers Guide

Size / Capacity

Size and capacity matter a lot. Each carafe comes in various sizes and capacities. The capacity can vary from 4 to 14 cups, and one cup generally means 4 ounces of fluid. 

The size of your coffee maker should depend on the number of people living. If you are a part of a large family, get an automatic pour over coffee maker with a large capacity and size to fulfill your requirements. Besides this, if you alone drink coffee in your home or live independently, then a smaller size with a small capacity is sufficient for you. So consider the size and power of your machine, evaluating your needs.

Water temperature control

The best temperature for coffee brewing varies from 196 to 205 degrees. While deciding about your pour over coffee maker, make sure to check on the brewing temperature it offers. If it gives you this temperature range, then surely it brews good coffee. 

Note that if the temperature is higher, then your coffee is burnt, and if it’s lower, then your coffee is not fully ready with its flavors. 


Like several other coffee machines in the industry, the best automatic pour over coffee maker 2021 also acquires various programming options with proper display settings. Check on the time settings how diverse it is. Some allow just for 4 to 6 hours, and some are flexible enough for 24 hours. Specific automated pour-over coffee machines will enable you to schedule your coffee brew at night to let you instantly have a fresh cup of coffee as you get out of bed. 

Automatic Pour Over Coffee Maker design

Programming enables you to specify the strength and amount of your coffee. This way, your pour over coffee machine dispenses out coffee and water in a specific amount you set to brew in your desired taste.  

Make sure to check on bloom settings. It is crucial to extract ideal flavors and aromas from your beans to the coffee. Also, looking for a digital display is recommended as it will become easy for you to program and work on it.

Material And Design

You should indeed look for long-lasting material. This will make your pour over coffee maker durable to last. You should consider getting your machine made from glass or stainless steel. Consider the material of main parts that are the filter basket, showerhead, and carafe. 

All the best automatic pour over coffee makers 2021 comes with a specific time warranty. That time could be an idea for you to access the durability of the product. Also, consider the brand reputation for getting high-quality products. 


Cleaning is the most core part of anything you get. In this regard, you should get a pour over coffee machine that is easy to clean for you. Literally, some coffee makers are torture to clean. This is why people ask how to clean a coffee maker without vinegar

Automatic Pour Over Coffee Maker chose

Also, leaving your coffee maker dirty for a longer time will stain it and affect the taste of your coffee. Cleaning your coffee machine in the wrong ways can also change the taste of your coffee. 

Following this, while buying a pour over coffee machine, make sure to get the one that is easy to clean. You can go for the machine that has separable parts to let you clean it with ease. 

Thermal carafe or Hot plate

Most probably, a hot plate seems to be a good idea as it can keep your coffee hot. But in actuality, it ends up with poor coffee taste because of consistent cooking after brewing.  

So, it is a better idea to go for a coffee machine with a thermal carafe to keep your coffee hot. It is also the cheapest way to make coffee.  If you have a reasonable budget, then you can go for the double-wall insulated carafes in your best automatic pour over the coffee machine.  

Difference Between Automatic Pour Over Coffee Maker And Drip Coffee Maker

Both of these coffee makers have the same kind of brewing method, but they still have some differences. The automatic pour over coffee maker is entirely created to brew the best coffee having all the flavors extracted from the coffee beans. 

Pour Over Coffee Maker

On the other hand, the drip coffee maker is for manually brewing coffee, similar to the way a barista brews for you by hand. The conventional coffee maker only soaks the coffee grounds in hot water until water gets poured into the container. It ends up with the extraction of caffeine into the drink. However, all the aroma and taste get lost somewhere between the process. Check out Keurig vs. regular coffee maker for something more beneficial. 

How far can you use an automatic pour-over coffee machine?

The pour over coffee maker is relatively straight and convenient to use as it does all by itself. 

Automatic Pour Over Coffee Maker Difference

What you need to do is to choose the quality beans and grind them appropriately. Your grind must be uniform with not too many small or too large particles, and a medium grind is perfect for it. Another thing you need to do is to fill the water tank with drinking water. 

This is all you need to do. Leave the rest to the machine and then enjoy freshly brewed coffee. 

Most of the modern automatic coffee makers come with simple control. You just need to click a few buttons to begin the brewing process. Then simply wait until the brewing ends and finally enjoy your fresh brewed coffee. 


Q1. What are the recommended beans for the best automatic pour over coffee maker?

Pour over coffee is a great choice for getting out the lightest, sweetest and fruitful flavors of coffee and preventing the taste of bitter, harsh flavors. So you should choose medium to light roasted coffee for the betterment of your coffee flavor. 

Q2. Pour over coffee vs. drip coffee, which is better?

Pour over coffee has quite great taste in comparison to drip coffee. Drip coffee is trying to be poured over, but it is not the same. So pour over is better.

Q3. Can I brew tea with my coffee maker?

For sure, you can use your coffee maker for brewing your tea. However, you should know that various kinds of tea need a different temperature level for proper brewing. So make sure to have an adjustable temperature setting for tea brewing. 

Q4. Can I use instant coffee in my pour over coffee machine?

No, never use instant coffee as it is not for the coffee machine. Coffee machines work with ground coffee beans only that do not dissolve water but extract the taste and flavor into the water. Similarly, people also ask can you use heavy cream in the coffee, so it depends. 

Final Verdict

You may be one of those who are probably tired of making coffee by hand and waiting for a long time for your refreshing morning coffee cup. 

But what if coffee becomes a part of your routine? How can you manage it every morning? Well! You will get an all-rounded solution in an automated pour-over coffee maker.

All you need is to add coffee, cream, milk and press a button. Your delicious coffee will be ready in minutes. We have listed out the top-recommended best coffee makers, which are available in all automatic features.

A programmed espresso producer is a sort of fastest dribble machine. These are the latest espresso producer, which are intended to mirror precisely how a barista will make pour-over espresso. 

Along these lines, a programmed pour-over espresso producer is a great dribble espresso creator. Explore our listed best automatic pour over coffee makers 2021 that you can buy for your office or home. You can choose any one of the machines that suit your necessities. However, these details and information can help you to choose your pour over coffee maker wisely. 

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