10 Best Home Espresso Machine Under $500 ¦ Buyer’s Guide 2021.

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Whether you consume too much coffee daily to fulfill your daily caffeine intake to level-up your productivity, energy, and freshness, or you’re just a coffee lover who loves to experience the frothiness of creamy, milky coffee consistently. In each case, the quickest and easiest way to make the perfect coffee is to brew it in a coffee maker by adding ingredients according to your desires. Let’s find out the Top 10 Best Home Espresso Machine Under $500.

best espresso machine

Coffee has become one of the staple drinks for many people, and they want it now and then. There is nothing like brewing a hot cup of café-quality espresso at your home. 

The 10 Best Espresso Machines Under $500

We understand your desire to get a café-made coffee daily in your morning, right after your morning yoga. Still, the problem you’re facing is you have a limited budget, if only $500, to buy an espresso machine. Though it is hard to find the best home espresso machine under $500, we have compiled an impressive list of the Top 10 Best Home Espresso Machines from you to choose that deliver features according to your needs. 

  1. Philips Carina All-In-One Espresso Machine
  2. Gaggia Classic Espresso Machine 
  3. Nespresso Touch Lattissima Espresso Coffee Machine
  4. Gaggia Brera Super Espresso Automatic Machine
  5. Gaggia Espresso Classic PRO Machine Stainless Steel
  6. Breville Duo Espresso Temp Pro Machine
  7. Brim Stainless Steel Espresso Machine
  8. Breville Smart Coffee Bean Grinder
  9. Nespresso Espresso Machine Lattissima’s Original
  10. DeLonghi Espresso Maker Stainless Steel

Lets go through all of them one by one in detail and discover the useful information.

1. Philips Carina All-In-One Espresso Machine

Phillips Carina is a super-automatic espresso machine with all the great features and will fit your needs perfectly.

Frothing Feature

It features a classic cream frothier that permits you to make the silky smooth latte, cappuccino, and macchiato at one touch. Besides, its smart brewing system gives the perfect taste and aroma to your coffee.

Size & Material  

It is compact, which means it will fit into any kitchen counter easily. Not just that, the material used in this coffee maker is stainless steel. 

Touch Display & Grinder Adjustments

This coffee machine has a digital touch display that is functional and easy to use. One thing that we like about this espresso machine is that it has 12-step grinder adjustments. From coarse grind to ultra-fine powder, you can turn your beans in any form you want.

Temperature Settings

With three temperature settings, this espresso machine gives you control over temperature. Besides, this fully automatic machine features a removable brew group that is easy to clean as it can remove easily.

Water Tank

It additionally takes coffee beans and a cup at a time to grind the coffee. The water tank could be more splendid, yet it’s adequate. A break happened one day in the wake of filling. I found that the water tank was not wholly embedded, and I had a wreck cleaning it.

  • Compact design
  • User-friendly design
  • Super functional operating system
  • Easy to clean
  • Solid construction
  • Aqua clean water filter does not come with the machine

2. Gaggia Classic Espresso Machine

We have picked another excellent cost-effective espresso machine is Gaggia. When you’ve just a limited budget but an urge to level up your mornings with a perfectly brewed and made cup of coffee that, of course, can be only made in an espresso machine, then that’s the point where you should consider buying this espresso machine.


This espresso maker has a great classic look that can be a great addition to any kitchen counter and sends a pleasant feeling when it is seen when you’re just passing nearby from it. 

Semi-Automatic Machine & Steam Wand

It is an entry-level semi-automatic coffee machine that comes with a lot of useful features. This espresso maker features a steam wand that can produce tight microfoam for latte art and silk milk frothing. The commercial steam wand allows you full control of milk frothing.

3 Switches for Controlling Purpose

For steaming, power, and brewing, this espresso machine comes with three switches. Each switch has an indicator light, which tells you when your device is ready to brew, on, and prepared to start.

Commercial Sized Filter Basket

The brewing capability of this espresso machine is exceptional. Unlike many espresso makers, this espresso grinder features a 58 mm commercial-sized filter basket.

Doesn’t have extra space for Cups

The only drawback we have found in this machine is that it doesn’t contain a ton of room for a cup, so you need to bring the coffee into something little and then move it to your cup.

Overall, this espresso machine is suitable for home usage that enables you to make café style numerous coffees such as cappuccino, espresso, latte, mocha etc., at your home.  

  • Classic look
  • Sturdy construction
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • The steam wand is adjustable
  • Excellent brewing power
  • Comes with a single boiler

3. Nespresso Touch Lattissima Espresso Coffee Machine

We are here with the Nespresso Lattissima Touch Espresso Coffee machine. It is a semi-automatic machine that has fine settings for brewing the coffee beans. Following, we have mentioned its unique features that allow you to understand whether it is according to your requirements or not!

Quick Coffee Shot

It is the best espresso machine, $500 for a latte and Nespresso lovers. It has a 6 in 1 different espresso drink prepare capacity. This Nespresso model is one of their powerful models that offer the 19 bars pressure and serves the coffee shot in less than one minute, around 40 seconds.

Automatic Turn off Capability

So, it is a powerful espresso machine that has decent pressure. One of the fantastic features is that it is automatically turned off quickly if you forget to turn it off.

Size & Price

It weighs around 9.9 pounds and is easy to clean, and can accommodate the different sizes of cups. As I already said that every good thing also has some drawbacks, so it also has the Nespresso pods. 

So, it is quite restrictive, and Nespresso pods are too expensive than other coffee beans. It is easy to use as fill you the milk jug and machine directly forth the coffee into milk.

  • It has six in one drink options with one-touch
  • It provides the removable milk carafe
  • It has a sliding cup tray to adjust the cup size
  • It provides the 19 bar pressure
  • It only brews the Nespresso beans

4. Gaggia Brera Super Espresso Automatic Machine

If you search for the Best Automatic Pour Over Coffee Maker for under $500, then check out this espresso machine. We have picked a Gaggia Brera espresso machine for you also. Gaggia Barrera has the frothing wands that provide the hot water dispenser and make steam according to demand. 

Easy Usage

It is easy to use and for maintenance as well. We changed our mug a few times to at last locate my ideal cup.  We had added a clean water channel before utilizing it to ensure it limits calcium and lime development. So, overall, we liked it and would recommend this gadget.


it is a great choice. It grinds the beans with ceramic grinders so you can bypass the hopper step easily. It has a fully programmable brewing machine, and you can adjust the large cups as well.

Steam Wands & Controlling Buttons

Every great thing also has some drawbacks, so it has only one boiler. So you can steam the milk along with preparing the coffee shots. Its power steam wand provides the lattes more efficiently. Gaggia Barera automatic espresso machine has control buttons and illuminating LED displays that make it easy to use.

  • It has an adjustable cup size
  • It consists of the programmable brewing
  • It allows for brewing the beans or pre-ground beans
  • It has the 15 bar pressure capacity
  • It requires high maintenance
  • It has only one boiler

5. Gaggia Espresso Classic PRO Machine Stainless Steel

We have again here another Gaggia Espresso Coffee making machine. It is the updated design of the Gaggia espresso machines. Following e have explained its features so you can figure out whether it is the RIGHT choice for you or not. 

Design & Bars

When it comes to its build quality and design, then it doesn’t disappoint you at all. It comes up with stainless fillers and ten fillers bar that aids in brewing a unique copy cup. 

Suitable for Commercial & Home Usage

You might be thinking whether it is suitable for home usage or not; then the RIGHT answer is that as it is equipped with 58mm portafilter pressure, it makes it perfect for commercial and home use.   

Steam Wand to Level Up Frothiness Of Your Coffee

It has a steam wand that helps to froth the milk and creates the microfoam and the velvety texture. These steam wands are best for creating latte art. One of the best features is its large 72 ounces water reservoirs. So, it allows the large quantity of the water to brew in the future, making it best to make the bulk quantity of coffee at once.

Built Material & Controlling Buttons

However, its stainless steel body increases its durability. It has three buttons to control the functionality, so it is relatively easier to use than many other espresso machines like Best Single Serve Coffee Maker No Pods.

  • It has 72 ounces removable water reservoir
  • It consists of fast heat up
  • It is the stainless steel machine
  • It is simple and easy to use
  • It has both pressurized and unpressurized filter baskets
  • It requires a large space
  • It has a short capacity for oversized mugs

6. Breville Duo Espresso Temp Pro Machine

OK, this one also comes under $500 that won’t break your bank. Yup, we are talking about Breville’s, Duo Temp espresso machine. Following, we have discussed it’s features, pros and cons for your convenience: 

Built Material & 15 bars

It is one of the best affordable Best Coffee Grinder for French Press. This espresso machine consists of stainless steel along with 15 bars of pressure. So its force can make a fair amount of the crema. 

No Need to Frequent Refill

The water tank can contain 61 ozs water, so it does not require frequent refilling while driving a large coffee.

Weight & Steam Wand 

It has a steam wand that helps to make the velvety texture of the milk. Breville espresso machines can produce single and double coffee shots at a time. Also, It weighs only 18.9lbs. That makes it suitable for home coffee brewing.  

Moreover, it requires the practice to become the expert in making the best shots in the Breville espresso machine.

  • It consists of a stainless steel body
  • It has the PID temperature control
  • It consists of the pre-infusion and extraction function
  • It has the 15 bar pressure and 61 ounces
  • It might be challenging to use
  • It doesn’t* have the pressure gauge

7. Brim Stainless Steel Espresso Machine

Brim Espresso Maker also comes under our under $500 budget-friendly coffee makers list that doesn’t break you and consumes all of your money. Following are the features of this coffee making machine: 

Built Quality & Steam Wand

You can’t ignore its structure as it is robust, sturdy and lasts for long, and is built with stainless steel.  The 19 bar espresso machine features a full thermal coil system, and for café quality foam texture, it has a commercial-style steam wand. It is the BEST COFFEE ESPRESSO COMBO MACHINE

Get Commercial Coffee Taste at Home

Like other brim coffee makers, this espresso maker delivers a café quality coffee at your home. Besides, it offers a strong cup of cappuccino, latte, and espresso at just one touch.

Easy Cleaning & Easy Usage

For an easy cleaning system, both the water tank and drip tray can be removed easily.  The drip tray comes with an indicator that lets you know when it is empty. This espresso machine includes a filter cleaning tool, 1 or 2 cup filter, portafilter holder, and coffee beans measuring scoop. 

It’s the best espresso machine accessible for the money. Everything has mechanical strength and will continue to go for a significant long time. This machine is superb and user-friendly as well.

It’s the best espresso machine available for cash. Everything has mechanical strength and will keep going for quite a long time. This thing is a machine, not a gadget. Discover Whole Latte Love recordings on YouTube about this machine’s nature are a top decision for home espresso machines.

  • Can brew coffee grounds and pods
  • Great look
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Includes commercial style steam wand
  • Works seamlessly
  • Elegant design
  • The large and bulky structure

8. Breville Smart Coffee Bean Grinder

If you are looking for a compact designed, yet stylish espresso maker for your home kitchen, then Breville’s coffee maker will be an excellent choice.

Grind Heat Reducing Feature

It features stainless steel conical burr, designed to reduce grinding heat and save the essential oil in the coffee beans. With 60 grind settings, you can choose from the coarsest French press to the finest espresso. We’ll perceive how long that will last; however, these audits look great as they’ve been in one or the other manifestation for around 30 years. 

The machine causes the best coffee you to have at any point attempted at home. Crushing is fundamental if you are utilizing the compressed container yet need a quality processor.

Smart Grinder & LCD Screen 

One of the best features that a user likes about this machine is its smart grinder pro allows you to grind directly into the portafilter. Besides, it has an LCD screen that shows grind settings and several shots you have made on the net.

Precision Timer 

This espresso maker also features a precision electronic timer that allows you to adjust grind timings that levels up the experience of brewing coffee in the machine. 

Weight & Material

When it comes to this espresso machine, you don’t have to worry much about its weight and design. It is 6.40 lbs. which makes it OK for home-usage. Additionally, from the outside, it is rugged with plastic material.   

  • Not bulky construction
  • Great look
  • Different grind settings
  • Features LCD Screen
  • Gets noisy sometimes

9. Nespresso Espresso Machine Lattissima’s Original

When you’re looking for a cost-effective option to get an espresso machine to enlighten your mornings with excellent lattes and frothy cappuccinos, then have a look at Nespresso Lattissima’s Coffee Machine. It has a single-serve system along with an easy-to-operate system which can be considered as the Cheapest Way To Make Coffee.

Doesn’t Require Frequent Refilling & Fast Heating System

Nespresso Lattissima 1 has the 33.8-ounce water tank best for the single serving and did not require frequent refilling. It also has a fast heating system that only requires a few seconds to prepare a single coffee shot. Check out Nespresso Vertuoline vs Evoluo to get more detailed information about this brand.

19 Bars & Automatic Turn Off Feature

It is easy to use as fill the milk jug and machine directly forth the coffee into milk. However, it is a powerful espresso machine that has 19 bar pressure. One of the fantastic features is that it is automatically turned off after every 9 minutes if you forget to switch it off.

Weight & Built Quality

Not just that, it is made up of plastic and comes up with 9.2 pounds that makes it suitable to be used in the home to make freshly brewed coffee.

  • It is a fully automatic espresso machine
  • It has the 19 bar pressure
  • It is best for the single-serving use
  • It doesn’t require the frequent refilling
  • It is not best for the bulk servings

10. DeLonghi Espresso Maker Stainless Steel

We understand how hard it is to find an espresso machine when you just have $500 in your hand. But you don’t have to worry about it anymore. Following, we have picked an excellent budget option that can level up your coffee experience:

4 Already-Programmed Buttons

DeLonghi is an innovative one-touch espresso maker that produces the best quality coffee at home. It has an easy-to-use control panel that features four pre-programmed drink buttons that are adjustable. It means you can adjust the setting according to your taste. With just one touch, you can make foam layers correctly on your cappuccino that will last long. 

15 Bars Pressure

Besides, 15-bar professional pressure gives the best quality result every time. It has different specifications and medication that allows you to make espresso shots of your preference.

Easy to Clean

It is a coffee machine that is not difficult to clean. Simply eliminate the flush and push it back. A lot more pleasant than the swing arm type. The engine purges abundant water from its hoses when it quits working and starts working.

The sharp artistic edge is calmer than the past gadget and has a pre-ground alternative. The alternatives are cool. Oilseeds will stop up any machine.

Water Reservoir from Top  

Another great feature of the Gaggia espresso machine is that it allows you to fill the top’s water reservoir. Also, it gives you the option to fill the water tank from the front of the espresso machine.

Weight & Material

When it comes to its weight, it is just 12 lbs. If we talk about its built material, you can find it made up of plastic. 

It comes with a water tank that can be removed and refilled easily. Besides, the bottom tray is easy to remove and adjust. It is the best COFFEE MAKERS THAT BREW AT 200 DEGREES

  • Accommodates large cups
  • Large water tank
  • Brews at one touch
  • Stainless steel machine
  • Takes up large space

Which Things Should You Consider While Buying an Espresso Machine?

Choosing the best espresso maker while on a budget can be difficult as no one wants to compromise quality. We understand your situation right now that it’s confusing to buy the best espresso machine under the $500 budget. 

So here are some guidelines that help you to narrow down your options from our top pick. Check out the below points and choose the best espresso machine.

Pressure Bars of machine

Bars of the pressure is the frequency of hot water requires grinding the coffee. So on average, it must be more the nine bars of pressure.

However, the higher the pressure bar lowers the time to prepare the coffee shot. Espresso machines are mostly used to reduce the time of making coffee, so the bar pressure must be higher. Many devices from our top pic have more than fifteen bar pressure.

coffee espresso

The material used in the machine

The material of the machine must be of high quality as it also has a higher bar pressure. Preferable stainless steel is the best material for the espresso machine. For the superficial parts, the plastic components are also suitable. But make sure that plastic is of good quality.

The pressure pump and heating coil are the essential parts that need to consist of metal. Don’t compromise over the quality of the espresso machine

Easy to clean

An espresso machine may come into your daily routine. So it would be best if it’s easy to clean. Cleaning or proper maintenance increases the longevity and lifespan of the device to many folds. However, the removable parts like front water holding tanks or sups make it easy to clean. How To Clean A Coffee Maker Without Vinegar is a very interesting topic. It will help you and gives you an idea for easy cleaning of espresso machines.

Easy to use

Some espresso machines are complicated to use, probably when you don’t know the tamping of coffee grounds in a portafilter. However, some machines are automatic, easy to use, like you need to press the button. So it depends on your choice, which one you want to buy.

creamy coffee

Size of Machine

The espresso machine’s size is another essential factor to consider when buying an espresso maker for home use. Different sizes are available in coffee makers, so before purchasing an espresso maker for the home, you must check how much space you have.

If you often travel and wish to keep a coffee maker with you wherever you go, you should go for the small-sized espresso maker. You should also check that it must be lightweight and easy to carry.

But if there is no issue with small kitchen space, you should go for a giant espresso machine as it allows brewing more shots at a time. Besides, sometimes a more significant size machine comes with additional features. You can also check the Best Coffee Maker under 50 for different automatic and semi-automatic machines.

Semi-automatic vs Automatic

One of the essential things to decide when you buy an espresso maker is to determine between semi-automatic and fully-automatic espresso machines. Both options are good in their way.

If we talk about semi-automatic espresso machines, they are more user-friendly and convenient than manual ones. Also, semi-automatic espresso machines give complete control over brewing powers.

On the other hand, fully automatic machines are handier than semi-automatic machines.  Fully automatic machines do not consume time. You only need to set the grind settings of your choice; the machine will do the rest.

The capacity of the machine

The machine’s capacity is another factor to consider while buying an espresso machine for your home. The bigger the power of the device means the more shots of coffee at a time. Can You Use Heavy Cream in Coffee also determine the size of the coffee maker?

If you are using an espresso machine for your personal use and need a single shot, you should go for 1 to 1.25 ounces. If you require double shots at a time, you should choose 2 to 2.5 ounces volume.



Q1. How long does a commercial espresso machine last?

A: The commercial espresso machine lasts for 1 to 15 years on average. Every espresso machine is different from the other. The life of an espresso machine depends on its maintenance, like cleaning. So when you maintain it well, its longevity increases to many folds, similar to any other electronic device.

Q2.How hard is it to use espresso machines?

A: Making the perfect coffee with an espresso machine is easy as compare to the other methods. But it also requires a good home espresso machine, and you must have the practice to use it. However, it’s challenging to brew beans and dial in at the time of grinding.

Q3. Which coffee beans are ideal for espresso machines?

A: From medium-dark to dark roasted beans are perfect for home espresso machines.

Q4. Is it worth buying espresso machines for the home?

A. Yes, it is. Buying an espresso machine for a home means you do not need to spend daily on your coffee.

Final Verdict 

When you haven’t bought any coffee maker in your life, and you’re also tight on a budget, finding out the best espresso machine under $500 is the goal that sounds hard to accomplish. 

We understand these. Each of the devices that we have mentioned above is jam-packed with numerous features. We have played our part, and now it’s on you which one you will pick from our best espresso machine’s collection. 

Not just that, we have put together a comprehensive buying guide, so you don’t end up grabbing the wrong coffee machine that doesn’t fulfill your requirements and make a perfect frothy, creamy cappuccino that you’re used to consuming for so long.  

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