How To Use Keurig Machine ¦ A Complete Walkthrough For 2021

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Coffee brewing machines are becoming popular as the workload prevails leisure and a kick start is necessary. Some machines come with a handsome set of combined features. But when it comes to a single brewing coffee machine, the Magnifico is Keurig. The main question is How to use Keurig Machine?

how to use keurig machine
How to use Keurig Machine?

These machines are efficient, convenient, and present in the kitchen of a coffee lover. Keurig helps preserve the delicious and aromatic taste with minimal hassle even when you are short on time. You might be interested in learning some tricks about the cheapest way to make coffee with the same electric buzz!

Still, some happy new users may find Keurig machines a bit fiddly. Below is a step-by-step and comprehensive guide on how to use a Keurig machine to brew the tasteful cup every time.  




Take out your Keurig machine and remove all adhesives tapes and papering before you plug it in. Note that, you plug your machine in a ground outlet because these machines are designed to be plugged in-ground outlets for safety assurances. 

A ground outlet has 3 pins, two for live wires and one for the ground wire to prevent damaging effluxes. 


Next, ensure that the power supply is working. Hit the power button to bring the unit to life. The slight buzz indicates your machine is getting into shape. 

Typically a Keurig machine equips a temperature of 192 degrees. If you are looking for higher temperatures try coffee makers that brew at 200 degrees


First use and no rinsing? Never do that! 

A water tank is usually located on the left side or at the back of the machine. Open the lid in an upward direction and gently remove your reservoir. 

how to use keurig machine 06

Rinse it with plenty of clean tap water. Some models of Keurig machines have static reservoirs also but,  that’s alright you can pour water into them and empty the tank using the pouring nozzle. 

If you don’t want to get into the trouble of cleaning the reservoir, check out the best single-serve coffee maker with no pods


Fill your reservoir up to the marked level and install it back. Be careful not to exceed the marked level. A Keurig has the capacity of storing several cups so, once you fill up your reservoir, you are good for a day. 

Now look for the heating (power) button and press it. The buzzing sound you hear is a sign of pulling water into the heating chamber. 


The machine will indicate the end of the process by stopping the heating sound or by turning off the heating light.

Run a test brew just to make sure that your machine is all set. Place a cup in the drip tray. Next, fool your machine by opening and closing the K cup holder as if you are using coffee. Press the button with the small cup icon. Let the water drip into the mug. It is a good practice to use a mug of 300 ml for the cleansing brew. Read the instruction manual to prevent any unexpected results. 

When the water fills up in your mug, dump it in your sink. 

The fight for the prime brewing ritual goes on. To read a comparison review Nespresso Vertouline Vs Evoluo to know who wins by only a hairsbreadth!  


You won’t have to go through the annoyance of a spoon and coffee bottle if you have a Keurig machine. Versatility and economy are Keurig’s sole promises to you. Hence it hits up a good score you are looking for the best coffee maker under $50

Flavors in K-cups are simply too many! K-cups are nothing but small paper containers encapsulating coffee and filter. 

how to use keurig machine 04

After selecting your beverage lift the handle on the unit and insert the paper cup (k-cup) in the hollow socket. When it glides into place, foiled lid up, push the handle back till everything secures up into place. There are also automatic machines available you can try the best automatic pour-over coffee maker.

You don’t need to remove the foil while inserting the K cup, the machine takes care of it using automatic needles during the brewing procedure. Beforehand removal of the foil can result in spillage of coffee in the entire K-cup basket. 

 What more benefits come packed with a Keurig? Check out our detailed article with the title Keurig vs Regular Coffee Maker.

Place a mug in the drip tray. Choose a seemly mug size according to the model you are using. Sometimes you may need to remove the drip tray to fit the mug in. Consult your instruction manual for appropriate mug size. 


how to use keurig machine 02

Another big advantage of Keurig machines is that they come with a good deal of brewing options. Normally there are three options 6, 8, and 10 ounces. Some models also provide 12 ounces or bolder carafe. If this is your first ride with a Keurig machine try the smallest size. 

If you are interested in a coffee machine for durable thermal carafes then check here for the best coffee maker with a thermal carafe.

Choose your option and press the corresponding button. Make sure you choose an appropriate mug size unless you end up with an overflowed container and a messed up dispenser tray.


Water is an essential ingredient in the brewing process. Take good care to use filtered water instead of tap water. As tap water has hard chemistry, its prolonged use may leave mineral deposits in your coffee maker.


When the machine completes its heating process, press the desired button for size. The advantage of these machines is versatility. Some models also allow you to choose the strength of your coffee. Choose what your kick and wait for a few seconds before the beverage drips into the cup. Find out more here on; what are some of the best all-in-one brewing systems available.

how to use keurig machine 03

When the fill is complete, you can power off your machine and lift the handle to reveal the used K-cup, discard it. Leave the holder open to let some air circulate through it. The holder itself is removable and, it’s a good practice to rinse it once in a while to enjoy the finest of flavors. 

Or if you want another round, you can use a new K-cup and enjoy!

Some users also fancy using cream in their morning beverage. What if you are out of your regular cream pack but have heavy cream in your refrigerator? Learn can you use heavy cream in coffee?

how to use keurig machine 01


The machine will let you a burst of air indicating that brewing procedure completed successfully. Be cautious not to lift the handle of the K-cup holder as the hot steam may injure you.

You can also check out this helping tutorial


No doubt your Keurig machine has been backing you up this entire time but, what should you do if your machine says ‘Prime’.


Salts and minerals may deposit in your machine over time. Keep a maintenance day for your Keurig every 3 to 6 months. This helps your machine run smoothly and keeps you giving your favorite crisp.  There are two ways by which you can ensure effective cleansing of your Keurig. 


Since vinegar is more economic as compared to cleansing fluids, therefore, it is commonly used. Fill your reservoir with vinegar and flush several brewing cycles. Every time, dumping the used up vinegar from the mug in your sink. During the cleansing process, make sure there are no K-cups in the holder. 

Here is a helpful video!

Prevention of mineral deposits is using bottled water instead of tap one. But you might be one of those coffee lovers who don’t fancy the pungent smell of vinegar, learn how to clean a coffee maker without vinegar.

Another option for cleaning the machine is using Keurig cleansing fluid. Follow the instructions on the manual for more guaranteed results.


The exterior surface can turn greasy after everyday utilization. Especially if you have a passion for cooking or baking or maybe a housewife and like to refresh your motion with coffee. 

Dip a soft towel in warm water, wring it and put a few drops of dishwashing liquid. Rub it on the machine making sure to clear all the residue to keep your Keurig looking shiny and classy. Keurig machines are famous for their freaking simplicity and versatility. However, if you want to explore some other options, try reading Hamilton beach 2 flexible review 2021


Keurig machines have the capacity of storing up to 8 ounces of overflowed fluid. But this capacity is machine-dependent. You can take out the tray by pulling it in a forward direction and emptying it away. But if you remembered to wash your drip tray while doing dishes, you can wash it in the top rack of a dishwasher. 

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Although the design of Keurig machines is pretty secure still, dirt particles find some way to the internal components of the machine. Clogged components disturb the performance or the taste of your beverage. You can lift the handle to expose the K-cup holder and pushing it inwards at the lower rim and pulling it out gently from the top. There is a detachable funnel with the holder, these components are washable separately.  


Be cautious of the sharp needle inside the holder. If your machine is clogged try using a straightened paper clip for unclogging it. Operate with the clip from below. There can be coffee ground residue deposits on the area which holds the holder use damp cotton for cleansing. This paper clip hack can be done occasionally as well. Speaking of ground residue, you might be interested in finding out which is the best coffee grinder for the French press.   


Sometimes you desire a sugary beverage. Sugar is not the most liked ingredient by coffee machines. The stickiness may clog the internal chambers. Therefore, it is always safer to run a cleansing brew every time you need a hot chocolate or a sweet espresso. 

If you are an espresso lover and looking for something exceptional you may find interesting things at the best espresso machines under $200.


These tips are going to give an exceptional brew, make sure you don’t give them up easily. There is also a mystical tip for a stronger brew hidden below. Don’t miss it out!

  • Press the foil lid of your k-cup until you hear a puncture sound make sure you don’t tear a hole in the foiling. This prevents getting the coffee grounds from getting into your cup and keeps the brew basket from clogging.
how to use keurig machine 05
  • Preheat your machine by running an empty heating brew. Run an empty brew through the machine and into the mug. Empty the water from the cup and then brew your beverage. Preheated cups and machines make an excellent contribution to a perfect brew!
  • Make your coffee. Choosing your coffee saves your money and also enables you to try the trendy varieties. Own coffee also gives you the exact profile that you are looking for. 
  • Always buy your Keurig machine online as it costs you no delivery charges and ultimately pocket-friendly. 
  • For a stringer brew buy the K-cup packs which have a ‘bold’ tag on them. This will provide you more quantity of coffee. Using a bold K-cup and brewing a smaller cup gives you a stronger brew. 
  • Keurig K-cups for tea and hot chocolate may not give you the exact beverage you are looking for. Try using tea bags and other options for a good flavor. You can also store them longer than Keurig K-cups.


Having a Keurig is like having a companion which is there to catch you when you are about to fall. But at the same time, there are some factors which you need to bear in mind before you hit buy on your phone.


Brew size is nothing but the amount of dark liquor which drips into your mug. There are usually three to five sizes available in a standard Keurig. 4, 6,8,10, and 12 ounces. Choose an appliance that fits best for your routine. Since Keurig provides an extensive brew range it is an absolute worth for your money. 



One of the major advantages of buying a Keurig which is praised worldwide. The nonpareil simplicity and time efficiency. All you have to do is give the machine a coffee pod and water and it will brew the best for you. The versatility of the brand gives you dozens of flavors to choose from. Button options on the exterior are vividly spelled out.


You don’t have to buy some cumbersome tool kit for cleaning your machine. All you need is a cleaning fluid and flush the reservoir. 


Keurig brews good flavorsome beverages and saves a lot of pennies from everyday coffee buying. With the Auto-off feature disabled it can provide a handsome saving on the electricity bills.


Still in trouble about deciding which Keurig to buy? We have collected some of the top models to help you make a good purchase.


Keurig K-Elite is a smart choice when you are looking for customized beverages and stylish kitchen addition. Let’s take a look at its features.

A premium finish and programmable features for bolder cups of coffee. A large reservoir of 75 oz, and allows brewing 8 cups before refill. Compatible with My K-cup Universal filter to facilitate you for using your coffee. 

  • Brew sizes of 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12oz
  • Intelligent descaling feature
  • Strong brew button
  • A large water reservoir of 75 oz.
  • Programmable iced settings
  • Little bit pricey
  • No carafe making option


Perfect for making coffeehouse beverages while staying at home. Wide-ranging features for customized beverages. Includes all the best single serve brew sizes. Hot and cold milk frothing for delightful beverages. The removable water reservoir of 60oz. 

  • Electricity efficient
  • Travel mug friendly
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Easy usage
  • Best brew sizes
  • Requires a little extra space
  • Fairly expensive

3. Keurig K-Duo Coffee Maker

With programmable auto brew and heating glass plate to keep your coffee warm during family gatherings or work routines. A versatile brewer for K-cups and ground coffee. The added convenience of pause and pour feature for easy servings. 

  • Brews with K-cups and ground coffee
  • 60oz. water reservoir
  • Glass heating plate
  • Auto brew feature
  • Strength customization
  • No frothing


Summing things up, Keurig is the perfect option when you are looking for something economic and versatile. It is worth buying with the variety of K-cup flavors and brew sizes it provides.

Just go through our FAQ’s so it will help you further to understand how to use a keurig machine.


Where to buy a Keurig machine from?

When buying a Keurig you need to consider two important factors. Buy it online and from its official website. This way you can get your hands on some fancy coupons and free shipping! 

How long can you keep water in the reservoir?

Water can sit in your Keurig for 3 to 4 days, properly reheat it before using. However, the fresher the water the better the taste. 

Why is descaling necessary?

Descaling is important to prolong the life of your machine and also provide the pure taste of the beverage. Not cleaning your machine results in a bitter brew and acrid smell. 

Is it safe to use vinegar to clean my Keurig machine?

Vinegar is an inexpensive and effective cleansing fluid. It is perfectly safe for cleaning use and won’t level acidic smell or taste in your brews.

Can I leave my Keurig on all time?

Repeated turning on and off can be stopped by disabling the Auto-off feature. Keeping the machine running may decrease the lifetime of heating filament but, it can also help save electricity as a startup takes the most power.  

Which is the best coffee espresso combo machine?

Most users have rated Keurig K-café as the best combo expresso machine as it does the processing of espresso excellently. For detailed information, we would definitely recomend checking a comprehensive guide on the 9 best coffee espresso combo machines in 2021 would be beneficial.

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