How to Make Coffee Without Machine – 11 Easy Methods

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Make coffee without machines like never before. Coffee is a great way to start your day, and it’s even better when you’re not dependent on a machine to make it! But, the question is How to make coffee without machines? Let’s try to find out how can we solve this problem.

As the world has become more advanced, human reliance on machines is increasing. This is a problem. Machines are not as smart as humans. Machines have a tendency to break down or malfunction, and this can cost time and money. Here we will discover 11 easy methods for how to make coffee without machines.

How to make coffee without machines


You can make coffee without machines with this simple method. This simple coffee-making method will make your mood pleasant. Because coffee will relax you when you are in a bad mood and feel tired, the method we tell you is quite good and simple.

make coffee without machines by using a coffee bag.

Various coffee bags are easily available in the market. It is the best way to make coffee without machines. To make coffee, you need to have a coffee bag, hot water, and a cup of coffee which we need to make coffee.


The most important thing we need to make coffee without machines is a coffee bag we must take from the market. Then we need water which we have to heat and the pots that is a common tool in the house.

Brewing process

First, we will heat water in a pot kept in the house like a kettle. Suppose a microwave oven is available, then fine. Otherwise, we will heat water with fire. Heat the water until it starts to boil. Hold the boiled water for at least 40 seconds.

If you hold it for forty seconds, the water will be normal. Put the coffee bag in the coffee cup lying next to it. And, he started pouring hot water into it. Ensure that the water comes as far as the coffee bag stands. Meaning the coffee bag should be completely in hot water.

Put the coffee bag in hot water for three to four minutes. It is because all the coffee particles are mixed in hot water. The longer the coffee stays in hot water, the better the coffee will taste. So, it would be better for us to keep it inside for six minutes to get a good taste of coffee. Hence, you can easily make coffee without machine.


make coffee without machines by using DIY coffee method.

Make coffee without a machine with Omit the baking process, and this process is equal to the one described previous section (The Coffee Bag), but with a homemade spin. How much are you doing once you realize you’ve run out of coffee bags? No, you do not even cry and sip coffee. Make one’s coffee bag! You can also use a tea bag and replace the tea with coffee grinds.

We prefer this type to use a retail location coffee bag because you can mash your chickpeas. It is also easy: you’re attempting to make a tea bag and substituting moderate coffee grounds for the tea.

What you need:

You also need hot water. It also needs a water heater, such as a microwave oven and kettle. And then the coffee bags are small or big.

How to make:

To use any accessible heating source:

  1. Boil the water
  2. When it begins to boil, start removing it from the heat instantly.
  3. Shovel out the amount of coffee powder you normally use for a cup of coffee – about 2 teaspoons per 230 ml of water.
  4. Position the coffee in the center of one’s coffee grinder, and then firmly tie the top with both the string.
  5. Ensure not to bundle the bag too firmly – the coffee grounds will have to widen a little as they bloom.
  6. Allow a length of free thread long enough to squeeze the bag out from the cup smoothly.

Put your coffee bag in the cup and drizzle hot water over it. Populate the cup to the necessary value, but also make sure the bag is submerged to make sure even retrieval of your grounds. Maintain the coffee bag in the cup and allow it to be pricey. Make beer for 2-3 minutes for a weakening brew or 4-5 minutes for a greater taste. Wind it up to drop your coffee bag when the initial setting time is up, and enjoy your brew.

Coffee bag making:

Now make coffee without machines with this simple process. You can grind the coffee if it is already ground. If not, then grind the coffee well. Then you get a cloth that is a little special and porous and add coffee powder to it. And then tie that day with the help of the thread from above. This way, it will be packaged and come in a packet. You can use it, save it and keep using it later.

A special tip:

When pulling out the coffee bag, please give it a bit of a squeeze with the back of the spoon. It will bring out the coffee juices left in the grounds, increasing the strength of your brew. And this method has been tried, and it is wonderful. Because this method completely removes the coffee particles and puts them in the cup and the taste also becomes delicious.


make coffee without machines using STOVETOP coffee method.

Now you can make coffee without machines if you have very limited coffee-making items, then The stovetop method is for you. With the basic kitchen items, you can make a delicious coffee cup, such as a single pot that will work for you. Have a look at this simple method of how to make filter coffee without a machine.

You will require

  • Ground coffee beans
  • Water
  • Small saucepan
  • Spoon
  • Scoop
  • Cup

Brewing process

First, pour more water into the pan, then add your coffee grounds. Because boiling water will dry with the evaporation process. Coffee grounds will absorb the remaining water. Now, stir the coffee grounds. For water measurements, use the same quantity as used in the coffee maker, and it depends upon you whether you are going to brew a single cup or multiple cups. Now, boil your coffee grounds on a burner with medium to high heat.

Meanwhile, stir well to avoid collage of coffee ground and burning. Now, boil it for more than two minutes in an uncovered situation and remove it from heat. Now, it allows grounds to settle in the base of the pan for two minutes. Now use a scoop to filter coffee grounds from the coffee. If you have no Ladle, you can pour coffee slowly from the pan. And your delicious coffee is ready for drinking now.


Make coffee without machines by using the STRAINER coffee method.

you can make coffee without machines easily. It is very difficult when your coffee maker does not work and you don’t have enough money to buy a new coffee maker. You feel unlucky but don’t worry if you have a filter, your delicious coffee is still in your hands. The strainer method is one of the famous methods when questions arise, about how to make coffee without a filter and machine. The filter with a double-layer mesh will be best to make smooth coffee without grounds,

The items needed

  • Water
  • Coffee grounds
  • Kettle
  • Cup
  • Mesh strainer
  • Brewing process

Measure the water according to your coffee cups and pour it into a saucepan or kettle. Now add the number of coffee grounds according to coffee cups and water and stir well. Boil the water for more than three minutes at a high flame and end the heat. Put the filter on a coffee cup and pour coffee into it. All coffee grounds will catch in a filter during the flow of coffee from the kettle to the mug. This method will take minimum time as you don’t need to allow coffee grounds to settle in base.


Make coffee without machines with HANKY coffee method.

If you will make coffee with less expensive methods without disturbing the environment, how can you expect a Keurig method? Now make coffee without machines through the hanky method will take a long time, the delicious coffee after patience will make your day yummy. You can use a mason jar rather than a coffee cup in the hanky method. If you make a Hanky method, you should know that the hanky method will be a bit time-consuming with delicious results. So let’s look to make filter coffee without a machine.

The items needed

  • Mason jar
  • Coffee grounds
  • Binder paper clips
  • Clean hanky or cotton cloth

Brewing process

Place your hanky around your cup and mentally press it.

Pressing it in the middle will make a pouch to hold coffee grounds. Now, use the binder clips to secure the cloth so you can use 3 clips to prevent the hanky from falling. A single cup pouch is enough to filter coffee grounds. Now, pour hot water over the coffee grounds and let the grounds soak for 30 seconds. Now, add resting water but be careful that clips are adjusted properly to prevent slipping. Now, remove your handle, and see all coffee grounds are caught inside the hanky. So, enjoy smooth and delicious coffee.


Make coffee without machines with the IMPROVISED FRENCH PRESS coffee method.

French press coffee makers are much more expensive in the market but are not readily available; it is a critical situation. Still, many people want to enjoy flavorful, oily, and rich French press coffee. You can make coffee without machines easily.

The making of the French press coffee method is similar to the cowboy method. You can make French coffee with simple kitchen items. And you need

  • Boiling water
  • Medium roasted ground coffee beans
  • Clean cups 

Brewing process

Grind two tablespoons of coffee beans to add 1 cup of water with 250ml. Now place grounds in an empty mug and pour hot water, then allow cool for 40 seconds. The ground will wet and bloom now. Add the rest of the water and fill your cup. Now, allow coffee to brew for 5 minutes, and can extend brewing time if you want a stronger taste. Once it has been done, press the coffee grounds with the help of a spoon gently so that all tastes of coffee come out and pour it into the cup. Now enjoy your cold press coffee. It is Cheapest Way to Make Coffee.


Make coffee without machines with the COWBOY coffee method

If you want to make coffee with the old-fashioned method and want to know how to make coffee without machines, then the cowboy method is the best choice. When you hear this name, it seems that you need to wear a hat, etc., but that is wrong. It is just a tea-making process that needs coffee grounds, boiling water, and a heat source. If you have quality coffee grounds, you will don’t need any coffee maker as this method brews coffee with perfect taste.

You will need

  • Medium ground coffee beans
  • Water for boiling
  • Pot and mugs

Brewing process

Fill your pan with more water than coffee beans if you want to make 2 cups of coffee. Then add 4 cups of water because the grounds will absorb much water, and some water will be dried.

Place the stove on a campfire or stove and add coffee when water starts boiling. For 6 ounces of water, three tablespoons of coffee are enough, but it can be changed with the strong coffee taste you want.

Remove the pan and instantly cover it for 5 minutes. After setting coffee grounds in the bottom of the pan, your coffee is ready for drinking. If the coffee grounds are not settled yet, sprinkle cold water to help them sink. This method, ladle, also proves helpful for filtering more coffee.


Make coffee without machines with the MICROWAVE coffee method.

If you want to make coffee without machines instantly then the power of the microwave will also prove helpful for you. You will need

  • Water
  • Microwave
  • Coffee grounds
  • Mug

Brewing process

Fill the water in the cup, keep it in the microwave for two minutes, and remove it till so hot. Stir the coffee groundswell with a spoon. Now, keep the grounds settled in the bottom of the mug for four minutes. If some coffee grounds remain in the coffee, chew them in last. You don’t need any kettle or instrument for this process.


Make coffee without machines with the SWEDISH EGG Method.

Many coffee lovers want to know how to make coffee without machines, and this method is awesome.

You can make coffee without machines with the Swedish process. It is one of America’s most popular methods for brewing delicious coffee and did not require any costly coffee maker. It contains an interesting item in your coffee that is an egg, don’t be surprised, it’s an egg. If you think that pure coffee causes activity in your stomach, then this method is for you.

You will need

  • Coffee beans
  • Ice cold water
  • Eggs
  • Simple water
  • Saucepan
  • A cup 
  • Hanky

Brewing process

First, boil the simple water in a pot or a saucepan. Now, break the egg into a bowl or cup and put it whole with a shell. Crush egg very well and senior. Now, add coffee grounds during the moving process.

Add all these items to boiling water and let it boil for 5 minutes. Meanwhile, take proper care of all items to prevent flowing outside.

When it cooks perfectly and floats at the top, add 1 cup of ice-cold water. It allows chucks and coffee grounds to sit in the bottom as they float for one minute. Now, slowly pour the smooth coffee into your mug, avoiding coffee grounds. Your delicious, unique taste coffee is ready without any bitter taste. 


Make coffee without machines with the COLD BREW coffee method.

If you want to make coffee without machines and are also not addicted to instant coffee, coffee is your weekly habit, or you have a spare method to make it taste perfect then the cold brew method is for you.

You will need

  • 2 wide-mouth mason jars
  • Coarse ground coffee beans
  • Hanky
  • Water 
  • Refrigerator
  • 24 hours of time

Brewing process

Put the grounds in a wide jar and add water with a 1:6 ratio and wait for 30 seconds and grounds are soaking in water, then add more water. Now, cover the jar tight and stir it very well. Place the jar in the refrigerator and wait for 24 hours. Now, put the hanky with clips or any filtering thing on the cup or other jar for catching coffee grounds. Pour the coffee slowly into another mug; all beans will remain upside. This filtered coffee is enough for 10 days in the refrigerator. When need it, dilute a small portion of coffee with dilute water with proper intensity.

If you like the less bitter taste of coffee, then 14 hours and a 1:8 water ratio are enough, but if you are a pure coffee lover with a rich taste, you should wait for 24 hours with less water and more ground ratio.


Make coffee without machines with the MAKESHIFT COFFEE FILTER method.

If you have no chemicals and a special coffee maker and you still want to make coffee without an automatic pour-over coffee maker. Then you need to try a makeshift coffee filter. This method allows you to make coffee without machines with simple kitchen items.

You will need

  • Fresh coffee beans with a fine grind
  • Paper clips
  • Near boiling water
  • Simple filter paper
  • Coffee cup

If coffee filters are not available in your kitchen, a handkerchief or paper towel is enough but thick enough that it will not tear. A handkerchief is awesome for strength.

Brewing process

Prepare a filter with a handkerchief onto your cup and leave two inches of cloth to catch coffee grounds. Hang the handkerchief tightly with clips around the sides of the cup and check it can catch coffee grounds easily. After grinding, keep the coffee beans onto your filter set-up and shake well to spread on the handkerchief equally.

Boil two water cups and allow the water to cool for 30 seconds. Pour hot water because coffee can absorb. It is a process in which coffee can release CO2 gases with an extra bitter taste and then pour all water with thirty seconds of difference in four parts and tease grounds a bit with a spoon. After seeping all water through the grounds, remove the clips and makeshift filter. This method will work like Best All in One Brewing System.


Make coffee without machines can be easy, but some preventions must be kept in mind when preparing coffee. Lets discover some common preventions when you make coffee without machines.

Fresh coffee grounds

You can use coffee beans and old coffee bags for making coffee, but it will lose essential ingredients. Preparing coffee with fresh coffee beans contains an awesome taste. It is better to ground coffee before 15 minutes of water boiling; the fresh coffee contains an awesome taste.

Properly roasted coffee

If your coffee beans are roasted properly, your coffee taste depends upon it. If your coffee beans are roasted dark, your coffee will taste less bitter. Medium roasted beans contain a medium taste, while less roasted beans contain a pure, bitter taste. You can use the roasted beans within 1 week of roasting time.

Water quantity

The right quantity of water is essential for the best coffee taste. The boiling water can scald your beans, while cold water can extract beans. The right temperature depends on the brewing method, but the average temperature is 195 – 205 degrees. If you want to get the exact temperature, boil the after and allow it cool for 30 seconds and also good water quality.

Work properly

You are going to make delicious coffee with limited sources. That’s why proper attention is essential for getting a proper taste. If you use the proper procedure of coffee making, you can surely make the perfect coffee for yourself.


Why does my coffee taste bad? 

When you make coffee without machines, it might taste bitter. The taste of coffee depends upon the rotating condition of the beans. Besides this, bad taste occurs during the dissolving of coffee beans. The large coffee beans do not absorb enough water. That’s why your coffee taste is unappealing. The more grounded coffee beans contain much bitter taste. But, medium-ground coffee beans are awesome for good coffee taste.

Can you reuse coffee grounds to make more coffee?

Though some people use this process, we will not recommend using old coffee grounds. If you instantly reuse these grounds, it will taste bitter with the over-extracted mess. If you use coffee grounds after drying, you will make a sour coffee cup that will not be delicious.

How to Make Black Coffee At Home without Coffee Maker?

You can make coffee without machines at home easily. You do not need any machine, proper settings, or filtration items. Rather your delicious coffee will be ready in a few minutes with simple brewing steps. We have shortlisted simple coffee-making methods that you can apply according to the available items at your home. So, make delicious coffee and enjoy.


Inevitably, you can make coffee without machines. Coffee is a popular beverage that can be enjoyed at any time of the day. Machines are convenient but they are programmed to perform a specific task only. They are quite expensive and must be handled with care. Machines do require expensive maintenance as well. Last but not the least, making coffee with machines is a complex task and if you make coffee without machines, it is much easier, inexpensive, and more productive.

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